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Reasons why people love content marketing

content marketing – It is long term strategy that focus on relationship on creating valuable information to the user. It creates a strong relationship. Know about your buyer journey - ·      Awareness ·      Consideration ·      Decision Types - ·      Informational ·      Decision making   / promotional Informational - you heard about the things that content is king but creating informational is the key to success. It is a type of data that gives an overview about your brand and topic. ·      Time-limited ·      Evergreen Time-limited - It is type of marketing that is recently in news and tell us about an overview of that marketing. Evergreen - It is a type of marketing that gives information in depth.   You can update that type of article any time because this popularity is high. E.g.- HubSpot, Marketo, search engine journal. Analysis of those pages in google analytics that perform well. Suppose user search a term and search engine shows result in
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10 secret techniques to improve your off page SEO

First, start my topic you need to know about off-page SEO- Off-page SEO – It is techniques that are used to rank a website through promotion or backlinks. ·      Search engine submission ·      Directory submission ·      Social book marketing ·      Article  ·      Press release ·      Local listing ·      Forum posting ·      Blog commenting ·      Ppt, video infographics ·      Web 2.0 submission Search engine submission -   The benefits of search engine  site list is that if you submit a site on search engine.  The various search engine shows your sites. No matter it shows your site or blog but it shows your sites. There are many websites you see google. You submit your sites as you wish. How to submit a website in various search engine - ·      GO on the search engine. Type free search engine submission site list. ·      A list of sites is open and then click on it then click submit. Here I mentioned a site name which is good for search